We invest primarily in domestic and foreign listed companies. The investments of SUKA yhtiöt focus on the Nordic companies operating in the field of commerce, logistics and industrial businesses. In addition, investments have been made in international growth companies in the production, energy and health technology sectors. In addition to direct equity investments, we make very selective private equity investments in private equity funds and real estate funds.

These companies represent the most responsible companies in their industries, and companies like these are usually found in Finland and Nordic countries in particular. Despite the strong concentration of industrial ownership, Suka also has investments in extensively innovative small and medium-sized growth companies. These companies make Finland known abroad for their success and high-quality products. The most successful companies in Finnish industry form the core of our holdings.

The social responsibility of our investment activities is considered in all allocations, and we strive to promote sustainable development through our own investment activities. Responsible investing means when making investment decisions, we take into account not only financial aspect but also environmental consideration, social responsibility and good governance. In practice, the responsibility of investment activities means that the choice of investment considers both the way companies operate and the effects of end products or services on the environment and society.

The investments of the related companies form innovative ecosystems between the companies that support business opportunities in line with future megatrends. On a Finnish scale, there are very promising innovative companies in need of capital, networks and investor confidence for growth and development. The related companies rely on domestic growth companies that redeem their place in the global competitive field and reap success for the benefit of the entire national economy.

SUKA yhtiöt have an investment council elected by the board. The council makes investment decisions collectively.

Forea Capital Oy acts as the company's
investment advisor.